Requirements for an e-Invoice

Based on the provisions of Section 5 of the Austrian ICT Consolidation Act (IKTKonG) the federal government departments only accept e-Invoices. In the interest of benefitting from synergies, the features required for submitting e-Invoices are also available to other public sector institutions (e.g. provinces, municipalities, cities).

For contracting partners of the public sector

  1. In order to be able to transmit e-Invoices you need to register once and free of charge at the USP (Business Service Portal - see Billers who submit their invoice through a third party or use the PEPPOL transport infrastructure do not need to register at the USP.
  2. After registration and login at the USP and accessing "E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT" (under "Meine Services") the next page will be shown.
  3. To transmit an e-Invoice by using one of the supported delivery methods certain invoice data is mandatory.

Within the public sector

  1. Other public sector institutions have to embed the functions of E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT into a public sector portal (PVP) in order to be able to transmit e-Invoices.
  2. After registering an authorized employee at the portal Austria (PAT) e-Invoices can be submitted by using one of the supported delivery methods. Certain invoice data is mandatory.