Wartungsfenster am 04.12.2020

Auf Grund von Wartungsarbeiten kann das Land Kärnten, als Rechnungsempfänger, am Freitag, den 04.12.2020, von ca. 13:00 - 18:00 Uhr KEINE e-Rechnungen empfangen. Bitte versuchen Sie es in diesem Fall zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt noch einmal.

Delivery methods

After authenticated logon at the USP (Mein USP |Meine Services | e-Rechnung.gv.at) or via PVP the following delivery methods are available to transmit an e-Invoice:

  • By filling in the online formDetails
  • By manual uploadDetails
  • Automated transmission via web serviceDetails

The Peppol eDelivery Network uses the Peppol issued certificates for authentication. Neither a login at the USP nor a PVP integration is needed.

E-Invoices can be generated and transmitted by a third party (e.g. service provider, public accountant) by using one of the methods outlined above. In this case the biller does not need to register at the USP. A list of implementation partners (software vendors and service providers) is available at the site of the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO).