Governmental departments

Governmental departments are all ministries and their subordinated departments, the Parliament, the office of the federal president (Präsidentschaftskanzlei), the higher administrative court (Verwaltungsgerichtshof), the constitutional court (Verfassungsgerichtshof), the Austrian ombudsman board (Volksanwaltschaft) and the court of audit (Rechnungshof).

Governmental departments

The following procuring entities are governmental by all means and are therefore obliged by IKTKonG to receive only electronic invoices.

Available as Excel file. Last update: 05-Oct-2018.

OrganisationNameLast modification

Non-governmental departments

The following companies are non-governmental departments and are therefore not obliged by IKTKonG to receive electronic invoices.

Incomplete list. Last update: 30-Nov-2016.

Long nameShort namee-Invoice receiver?

Deprecated purchasing units

The following list contains all purchasing units (Einkäufergruppen) that were valid in the past but are no longer valid.

Last update: 16-Sep-2016.

OrganisationNamePurchasing unitLast modification